Your disbelief will only harm you

Indeed, those who purchase disbelief [in exchange] for faith - never will they harm Allah at all, and for them is a painful punishment.

[Qur'aan 3:177]


There were those who purchased disbelief in place of belief.


Their disbelief did not harm Allaah.


Your disbelief will not harm Allaah.


Allaah is Exalted and nothing can harm him.


He needs not you or anyone.


Disbelief entails harm. That harm returns onto the one who disbelieves.


If you disbelieve you hurt only yourself. The evil of your disbelief will return unto you. You do not harm Allaah in any way.


The gates of repentance will close once you die. Turn to your Lord now and submit to Him.


Otherwise, prepare yourself for a painful torment because you purchased disbelief at the price of Imaan.