You will never suffer poverty

Shameless maulvi tells Haamid a weak hadiith. He does not tell him it is weak.


The weak hadith says that the one who regularly recites Suurah al-waaqi'ah will never suffer poverty.


Haamid regularly recites it. Yet, after a couple of years he suffers severe poverty. Haamid begins to doubt Islaam. His Imaan is shaken. Eventually, he loses faith.


He apostates.


What a dirty maulvi. He was such a jaahil. All he cared about was his halwa.


The hadiith is weak.

It has the following two narrators. Both are majhuul. This means their state is unknown.

طريق أبي شجاع
أبي طيبة


  • They could be reliable
  • They could be weak
  • They could be liars

We do not know. When there is a majhuul in the chain of narrators of a hadith, the hadith becomes weak. When there are two majhuul in the hadiith, I will let you do the math.


To make matters worse, the Hadiith also has inqitaa' in it.  It also has 'iDTiraab as Ibn Hajar pointed out.

al-manaawi said the hadiith is munkar (rejected).

Imagine all of this.

  • Two majhuul narrators
  • Inqitaa'
  • 'iDTiraab

Can a hadith be more weak?


Now, the halwa loving maulvi only had to tell Haamid that this hadith is veryweak. It is probably not even a hadiith. It is likely munkar as al-Manaawi pointed out.


Now, if after this information Haamid had pursued to act on the hadiith, he would not have doubted Islaam when he was struck by poverty.


He might have been disappointed. But he would have known that the hadiith is weak. So, if what it said did not come to be, that does not mean Islaam is false.


But the halwa fried the maulvis brain and he had no clue what he was doing.