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10 Jan

Do not wrong anyone

Never wrong a soul. The supplication made by the one wronged will utterly destroy you.


You can wrong someone and get what you desire, but you will never get away. You may think you have gotten away because nothing happened. But it is only a matter of time before Allaah ruins you.


"Beware of the supplication of the one wronged for indeed it is carried on the clouds. Allaah says: I swear by My Izzah and my Jalaal, I will surely help you even if after a while."


اتقوا دعوة المظلوم فإنها تحمل على الغمام ، يقول الله : وعزتي وجلالي لأنصرنك ولو بعد حين


That hadiith has been reported as being authentic by several scholars of hadiith. Note the part which says even if after a while.


There may be delay but there is never darkness. Allaah will come to the rescue of the one wronged. He listens to his supplication and if you have wronged someone you will pay the price.


Just because nothing has happened yet does not mean nothing is going to happen. Just because you feel safe now after having wronged someone does not mean you have gotten away.


Your destruction and utter ruin are near.


If you have wronged someone now is the time to repent and seek not only the forgiveness of Allaah but to set things right with the person you wronged.


If you have wrongfully taken anything which belonged to them return it and ask them to forgive you. If you have slandered them or backbitten repent to Allaah and never return to the vile act. Supplicate for the person you slandered. Make good dua for them.


You have time if Allaah has not destroyed you. Avail the time to save yourself. Once the punishment of Allaah descends on you, there will be no reprieve.



06 Jan

The secret to success

If you want to succeed in this world, and the next for that matter, the secret lies in sincerity. To Allaah be sincere in everything you do. Do it only for His Sake and for nobody else.


When you help someone do it only to please Him. Do not seek anything in return from the person. Your reward is with Allaah only.

How to know if you are being sincere


To check if you are sincerely only doing good deeds for Allaah, try this. Next time you do good to a Muslim brother and he takes advantage of you or hurts you, do you regret having helped him and promise yourself that you will never help him again?


If you get that feeling then it means you were seeking appreciation and a reward from the Muslim brother of yours. You did not help him for the sake of Allaah.


Had you truly helped him for the Sake of Allaah, how he acted toward you later on would not have made any difference to you because you would have known that your reward is only with Allaah and the good you did has been recorded and Allaah will reward you.


Look at Him and away from them


People should never be your concern. Your concern is Allaah. He should be in your heart all the time. All you should worry about is pleasing Him and no one else. Be sincere to Him.


Remember, no one can help you. No one can save you from trouble except Him. No one can benefit you unless He permits.


Do not be deceived by the world. When you take a pill for your disease and are cured you think it was the pill. It wasn't. It was Allaah who cured you. The pill was nothing but a means. If Allaah Wills that pill would lose its efficacy. It never cured you. Allaah allowed it to cure you and that is why you recovered.


Feel this Aqiidah. Live it and you will have great success not only in this world but also in the next. Take it from someone who lives it everyday. 

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