01 Apr

Darwin and the devil

Darwin's young daughter died. He felt hurt. He reasoned a Merciful God would never do such a thing. Because of his loss he waged war on God and formulated the illogical monkey theory known as evolution.


He decided to misguide people away from the path of God.


Darwin is the human form of the devil. The devil worshiped Allaah endlessly. He had a very high status. However, when Allaah told him to prostrate to Adam, he refused. He said he was better than Adam because Adam was made of clay while he was made of fire.


Fire goes up while clay comes down.


Allaah banished him from Paradise and destined him to Hell. He asked for respite until the Day of Judgement so he could misguide the slaves of Allaah.


[Allah] said, “O Iblees, what prevented you from prostrating to that which I created with My hands? Were you arrogant [then], or were you [already] among the haughty?"

He said, "I am better than him. You created me from fire and created him from clay."

[Allah] said, "Then get out of Paradise, for indeed, you are expelled.

And indeed, upon you is My curse until the Day of Recompense."

[Allah] said, "So indeed, you are of those reprieved

Until the Day of the time well-known."

[Iblees] said, "By your might, I will surely mislead them all

Except, among them, Your chosen servants."

[Allah] said, “The truth [is My oath], and the truth I say –

[That] I will surely fill Hell with you and those of them that follow you all together."

[Qur’aan 38:75-85]



As you can see, Darwin and the devil are brothers. Darwin decided to misguide people because he lost his beloved daughter. The devil decided to misguide the progeny of Adam because they caused him to lose his high status.


The end result of both is the same. Allaah will cast them into the Fire.


Scientific Dissent from Darwinism


Download this document. It contains a list of scientists who realized how nonsensical Darwin's Theory is. It is 23 pages long.





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