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Magic and its types

Magic is a reality. You just choose not to believe in it until it affects you.


Then you search everyplace you can for someone, whoever it may be, who can cure you and relieve you of the pain.


Magic is real. Magic is not nice. Protect yourself against magic before it affects you and forces you to search for someone who can cure you from it.


Protection and prevention are always better than having to search for  a cure. Keep yourself protected from magic by reciting the last two Chapters of the Qur'aan.


The like of these two chapters had never been revealed in any of the Books of Allaah. They are chapters with great virtue. Recite them and blow over yourself to keep yourself from being affected by magic.


Narrated Uqbah ibn Amir:

While I was traveling with the Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) between al-Juhfah and al-Abwa', a wind and intense darkness enveloped us, whereupon the Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) began to seek refuge in Allah, reciting: "I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn," and "I seek refuge in the Lord of men."

He then said: Uqbah, use them when seeking refuge in Allah, for no one can use anything to compare with them for the purpose.

Uqbah added: I heard him reciting them when he led the people in prayer.

[Sunan Abi Dawud Hadith No. 1463]


Types of Magic


There are different types of magic. You will learn about these different types, and then we will look at ways you can cure black magic. You will be able to rid yourself of magic, if you suffer from it, or help loved ones recover from the ill effects of black magic.


Magic of Love – Sihr al-Mahabbah

The first type of magic we will examine is sihr al-Mahabbah. Another name for the magic of love is sihr al-Tiwala. Basically, some might refer to it as sihr al-Tiwala and others as sihr al-Mahabbah. It is always handy to know the different terminologies used as it will keep you from any confusion when discussing and treating the sihr.


The magic of love is often done by females on their husbands because they constantly argue and fight. The wife is emotionally crushed by how her husband treats her.


She decides to go to a magician [or an older baba as they call them in the sub-continent]. She may not actually know that the old man is a magician. He just works charms and solves problems between husband and wife as far as she has been told.


She cries her heart out to the magician. He promises to remedy her situation for a sum of money. [Some perverts will get the girl to sleep with them in return to help her].


The magician tells the woman to get anything from her husband which has scent on it. The clothes a person wears or a handkerchief he uses. Even the bed sheets, if they have been in contact with his skin, would work.


If you see your wife asking for something with which your skin has been in contact with do be on your guard. Also if you see any personal items missing ask her and make sure she is not using them for magic. Be honest and upright about it. Do not beat around the bush. Tell her to her face why you are asking.


The magician will take the item and take the threads from it. Then he will tie knots, blow on them, and do all the horrible, disgusting things magicians do. Finally, he will tell your wife to bury the item in a deserted place.


Once the magic begins to take hold, you will, all of a sudden, begin to find your wife irresistible. Overpowering sexual desire for her and love which makes you believe you cannot live without her will consume you.


You will become her slave. You will do everything she asks. You could not even imagine a life without her.


The magic of love is powerful. It will leave you powerless against your wife.


It is important to remember that the magic of love can be done in other ways too. Your wife could take your photo and give it to the magician. The magician could also tell her to put a potion or powder in your food. Hence, if you have lots of fights with your wife, and she is not a very religious woman, always be on your guard. You do not know what she might be up to.


Remember, magic creates illusions. It makes you feel and see things which are not real.


The magicians made Moses (peace be upon him) think that he was seeing a snake when in reality it was not a snake. Similarly, you will believe you love her. You will believe you cannot live without her. Illusions over-powering you to the extent that you are left powerless.  


Sihr al-Tafriiq – The magic of separation


al-Tafriiq, in Arabic, refers to separate. The magic of separation is used to separate two people from one another.


If you have someone you dearly love, and you have noticed a massive shift in their attitude toward you for no reason, the person may have been subjected to sihr al-Tafriiq.


The person will hate you for no reason. They will not want to be with you. They will not want to live in the same place as you.


The person will use petty arguments between you. They will turn them into huge atrocities you committed against them. That will be their excuse to not talk to you. Exaggeration of the smallest of things only to get away from you is what you will notice. It will bewilder you and make you wonder what in the world went wrong here.


If other people try to help reconcile between you and the other person by making excuses it will not work. No excuse will work. The person will refuse to accept any excuse.


Another thing you will notice is lots of suspicion. The person will suspect you. Constant suspicion. Suspicion which has absolutely no premise.


The sihr al-Tafriiq is mostly done to separate husband and wife. This is not to say it is limited to husband and wife. It is just often used for causing trouble between spouses.


But it can also be used to separate mother from son or a father from his son. Any time a person is separated from a loved one for no apparent reason and there is massive shift in the attitude of one or both parties, you can assume that sihr al-Tafriqq, the magic of separation, has ensued.  


Sihr al-Nazeef – Prolonged Menstrual bleeding


Only women suffer from this type of magic. The woman bleeds for a long period after her menstruation ends.

A magician will send a jinn to a woman. He will tell the jinn to make her bleed. The jinn will enter into the blood of the woman, circulate within it, and stomp on her veins to make them bleed. She will continue to bleed even after her menstruation stops.


Anas bin Malik reported the Messenger of Allah (May peace be upon him) as saying:

The devil flows in a man like his blood.

[Sunan Abi Dawud Hadith No. 4719]


Jinns can enter the body. Some people claim that they cannot. This is not true. Jinns can take control of a body and cause havoc. Magicians send jinns to a woman and instruct the Jinn to cause her to bleed.

If your female relatives experience bleeding beyond their menstruation period, they could suffer from magic of prolonged bleeding or sihr al-Nazeef.

You will need to perform Ruqya on her, or you will need to convince her to perform it on herself. You could also get other members of the family to recite over her.

The other types of magic will be added regularly to this page along with the treatment at the end so keep checking back.


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