01 Nov

They lie

They claim to respect all the Madhaahib. They lie.

There is a tank. It holds 216 liters, or a Qullatain, of water. Two persons, in a state of major ritual impurity, immerse themselves in the tank. The color, smell, or taste of the water does not change. The water will have purified the two persons and still retain its ability to purify. This is the Shaafi'i position on the matter.

I told my Hanafi teacher about the above ruling. He laughed mockingly

An old man recites the dua "Rabbigh fir li" between the two sujuud. This irritates the Hanafi Qaari in the masjid. If you purposefully omit the dua between the two sujuud, your prayer is invalid according to the Hanbali school of thought. 

The Hanbali school considers camel urine to be pure. The Maaliki school agrees with them. My wife posted this on Facebook. The Hanafis lost their minds. They joked and mocked at the ruling. One Hanafi private messaged her. He told her not to act stupid. Urine is impure. It cannot be pure even if it be camel urine. He refused to accept the hadith. He gave it ta'wiil and showed no respect for the other Madhaahib.

They claim to respect all the Madhaahib. They lie.

How true is what Shaikh Sha’arani, author of Mezaan al-kubra and a Shafi scholar born in Qalqanshada, Egypt in 898/1493 who died in Cairo in 973/1565, said: 

"Most of the Muqallideen have very evil thoughts about the other Imams. It has been relayed to us that the Hanafis and Shafis of Wara Nahr abandon fasting in the month of Ramadhan so that they maintain their energy whilst refuting each others evidences and proofs." 

(Meezan al-Kubra 1/43)

He spoke the truth. May Allaah bless him.

He called a spade a spade. May Allaah bless him.


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