16 Aug

The eyes which will not see the Fire

There is a hadiith narrated by al-Tabaraani. Sheikh al-Albaani graded it authentic when all the routes of transmission by means of which it has reached are taken into consideration. 


It mentions three people whose eyes will never see the Fire [of Hell]. One of the eyes mentioned are the ones kept away from looking at those things which Allaah has forbidden to look at. 


Today, we live in a society dominated by scantly dressed females. Porn is easily accessible. You see half-covered and nude females on any TV show you turn on.  


Modesty has been lost. 


Safeguard your eyes. Look away whenever you see something impermissible. Remind yourself that you are giving up a pleasure of this temporary world for safety from the eternal Fire of Hell


And if you make the mistake of looking. If you look because the devil or your Nafs overpowered you, then weep out of the fear of Allaah for what you have done. Because the second pair of eyes which are mentioned in the hadith are those which weep out of the fear of Allaah.


They, too, will not see the Fire.

ثلاثة لا ترى أعينهم النار: عين حرست في سبيل الله, وعين بكت من خشية الله, وعين كفت عن محارم الله




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