24 Oct

The mau’uudah

And when the mau'uudat[u] is asked

[Qur’aan 81:8]


Hasnaa' 'ibnah mu'aawiyah al-Suraimiyyah reported from her uncle who said: 

I said: O Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) who is in Paradise? He said: The Prophet is in Paradise and the shahiid is in Paradise and the child is in Paradise and the mau'uudah is in Paradise.

[Musnad Ahmad]


al-suyuuTi said its chain of narrators is hasan
al-haytami said all the narrators are the narrators of al-Sahiih [those whom Imaam al-Bukhaari narrated from in his Sahiih] except for Muhammad bin mu'aawiyyah bin SaaliH and he is reliable
al-albaani considered it hasan [authentic].


al-mau'uudah: She is the one the people of al-jaahiliyyah would bury (alive) out of detest. 


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