05 Nov

Every nation and her Imaam

(And remember) the Day when We shall call together all human beings with their (respective) Imam. So whosoever is given his record in his right hand, such will read their records, and they will not be dealt with unjustly in the least.

[Qur’aan 17:71]


And some of the Salaf said: This is the greatest honor for the 'aSHaab al-Hadiith because their Imaam is the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam).

[Tafsir Ibn Kathiir]


A group of scholars said the Imaam in this Verse refers to the Book which was revealed to the Prophet (peace be upon them all) of every nation. The Qur'aan was revealed to our Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam).

Another group of scholars holds the opinion that the Imaam in the Verse refers to the book of deeds of each person. 

[Tafsir al-Tabari]


Some jaahils think that the Imaam refers to one of the four Imaams. These jaahils of the Ummah are mainly from among the hardcore muqalliduun of this Ummah. They worship their Imaams. They will go to lengths to misinterpret the Qur'aan to defend their falsehood. Stay clear of them. 

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