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31 Jul

Qiyaas and khabar al-waahid

There is a difference of opinion among the Mālikiyyah. A group holds the view that qiyās is given precedence over the khabar al-wāhid. The other group says the khabar al-wāhid will be given precedence over qiyās.


31 Jul

Zaahir of Qur’aan and khabar al-waahid

The Madhhab of Mālik is to give precedence to the zāhir of the Qur'ān over the khabar al-wāhid.


Rulings of fiqh in which the Māliki opposed the authentic hadīth and answers regarding it.

Page 44

04 Jul

Maalik’s ta’wiil of sitting on the grave

Abu Marthad al-Ghanawi reported Allah's Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) as saying:

Do not sit on the graves and do not pray facing towards them.

[Sahih Muslim]



Maalik made ta'wiil of this hadith and said that sitting is only forbidden if one does it to relieve himself. He made this ta'will based on the following in Muwatta



It reached Malik that he had heard that AIi ibn Abi Talib used to rest his head on graves and lie on them.

Malik said, "As far as we can see, it is only forbidden to sit on graves to relieve oneself."



التوضيح في شرح المختصر الفرعي لابن الحاجب

Page 289 Volume 1


30 Oct

IQaamah for repeated prayer

Your prayer became faasid or baatil.
You have to repeat the prayer.
You will pronounce the 'iQaamah
before you repeat it.

This is the view of the Maaliki
school of thought. 



Kuwaiti Encyclopedia of fiQh


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