06 May

Rulings regarding lavatory

When you enter the lavatory which foot should you put in?

Left foot.


When you exit the lavatory which foot should you put out first?

Right foot.


What should you say when you enter the lavatory?

In the Name of Allaah – I seek refuge in Allaah from the evil and all that is evil and from the cursed filthy Satan.


What should you say when you exit the lavatory?

O Allaah I seek your forgiveness. All praise to Allaah who rid me of harm and gave me health.


What can you not carry into the lavatory?

Anything containing the Name of Allaah.


Is there any exception to the above rule?

Yes, In case of a need like when someone has to use a public lavatory.


How can you protect anything sacred when you have to use a public lavatory?

You should put it in a bag or in your clothes.


Is there any specific evidence that you should not carry sacred things into the lavatory?



Then what evidence do the scholars use for this prohibition?

Qur'aan Surah No. 22 Verse No. 32

"That [is so]. And whoever honors the symbols of Allah – indeed, it is from the piety of hearts."


When you defecate what should you do?

Place more weight on the left leg.


Is there any evidence for placing more weight on the left leg when you squat to defecate?

No. There is a weak hadiith which states you should.


Then why did the Hanaabilah say one should put more weight on the left leg when one squats to defecate?

They may have acted on the weak hadith.

There may have been medical information at the time which suggested doing so is of benefit.

In such a case the practice would have been recommended because Islamic legislation is about attainment of benefits and avoidance of harm.


If you need to defecate outdoors what should you do?

Go far away and screen yourself.


What kind of spot should you urinate on?

A soft spot.


Why should you urinate on a soft spot?

So the urine does not splatter back on you.


You cannot urinate UNDER what?

A fruitful tree.


You cannot urinate IN which two things

A hole.
A groove.


You cannot urinate ON what?

A shade.
A beneficial path.


Can you face the moon or the sun while you urinate or defecate?

No, you cannot.


What else can you not face while you urinate or defecate?

The Qiblah.


Can you have your back to the Qiblah when you urinate or defecate?

No, you cannot.


Why do the Hanaabilah say you cannot face the sun or the moon when you urinate or defecate?

Because there is some of the Nuur of Allaah in them.


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