19 Apr

Sheikh al-albaani and his grading of hadiith

We live in a sad world


If they do not like someone, they will lie about him.


Sheikh al-albaani is such a case. You have people who attempt to bash him by pitting his grading against al-Tirmidhi.


Who will you pick? Sheikh al-albaani or al-Tirmidhi?


Imaam al-Tirmidhi is from the Salaf and a hadiith master so they will be forced to say al-Tirmidhi.


These decievers will never tell you that Imaam al-Tirmidhi was very lax in his grading of hadiith or how he graded those hadiith authentic which the likes of Imaam al-Shaafi'i graded weak.


That would undermine their hidden agenda which is to ensure you do not read what al-albaani has to say.


These page will collect the hadiith Sheikh al-albaani graded as weak and his reasoning and the other scholars of hadith who preceded him in grading the hadiith weak.


Then, you will see that we have lots of deceivers. Most of these deceptive people are muqalliduun who just want you to follow their Madhhab and never look at the facts. Blind followers. What else can you expect?

Let's begin with the first hadiith.

Imaam al-Tirmidhi graded this hadiith as authentic.

This hadiith was graded weak by Imaam al-Shaafi'i. Let's see what al-Nawawi has to say about it. These muqallids will never have the courage to lay a finger on al-Nawawi or Imaam al-Shaafi'i. Sheikh al-albaani, like Imaam al-Shaafi'i and al-Nawawi, also graded this hadiith weak.

Jabir narrated that:

The Prophet was asked about whether Umrah was obligatory? He said: "No. But if you perform Umrah it is more virtuous."
(Remembr al-Timidhi graded this hadiith as hasan while Sheikh al-albaani graded it weak)


Imaam al-Nawawi says:

The chains of both ahadiith are weak.

As for the saying of al-Tirmidhi that this is a hasan Sahiih hadiith then that is not accepted and his opinion is not given consideration in regards to this.

The huffaaz have agreed that this is a weak hadiith as has passed in what al-Bayhaqi said. The evidence for it being weak is that it rests upon al-Hajjaaj bin 'arTaah.

This hadiith is not known except through him and al-Tirmidhi has only narrated it from him. And al-Hajjaaj is weak and a mudallis by consensus of the huffaaz.


He said in his hadiith from ('an) Muhammad bin al-Munkadir.

When a mudallis says in his hadiith 'an (عن) then his hadiith is not used as evidence and there is no difference in regards to this as it has been established and is well known in the books of the scholars of hadiith and the scholars of Usuul and because the majority of scholars have said that al-Hajjaaj is weak for another reason besides tadliis.

When there are two reasons for a narrator being weak, then everyone agrees that one cannot use him as evidence. And in his case it is that he is weak and a mudallis. How then can his hadiith be Sahiih?


End of what Imaam al-Nawawi says in his al-majmuu

Volume 7 Page 6


Now let's look at another hadiith which Sheikh al-albaani graded as fabricated


The best du'aa is al-'istighfaar and the best form of worship is Laa ilaaha ilallaah


Sheikh al-albaani says this hadith is fabricated.

Let's see why he says so

Let's look at the chain of this fabricated hadiith


أبي البختري

جعفر بن محمد



الحسين بن علي


Abu al-bakhtarii

He is wahb bin wahb (وهب بن وهب)

He used to fabricate hadiith

Ahmad bin Hanbal said: He used to fabricate hadiith
Ibn Ma'iin said: He is a liar and an enemy of Allaah


Which Muslim would attribute such a hadiith to the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) without telling people it has a liar in the chain expect an enemy of Islaam?


Yet, they will tell you do not trust Sheikh al-albaani, a man who worked to safeguard the Sunnah and exposed fabrications such as this one. What a wretched lot.





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