Every morning his prayer mat was wet

A woman entered upon the wife of al-'awzaa'ii and saw that the mat upon which he would pray was wet. Thereupon she said to her: Perhaps a child urinated here.

She (the wife of al-'awzaa'ii replied): No, this is of the traces of the weeping of the Sheikh in his sujuud. And this is how it is every morning.

al-Haafiz Ibn Kathiir (may Allaah have mercy on him) collected this in his book al-bidaayah wa al-nihaayah Page Volume 13 Page 448-449

دخلت امرأة على امرأة الأوزاعي، فرأت الحصير الذي يصلي عليه مبلولا، فقالت لها: لعل الصبي بال هاهنا. فقالت: لا، هذا من أثر دموع الشيخ في سجوده، وهكذا يصبح كل يوم.

[ الحافظ ابن كثير - رحمه الله - ( البداية و النهاية ج13 ص 448-449)]


Such was the state of the pious Salaf. Maybe once in our lifetime we will weep in sujuud when praying. That too when we want something worldly.

How far we are from the ways of the Salaf.