Building graves in the vicinity of the dead

al-BaiDaawii says that since the Jews and Christians made sujuud to the graves of their Prophets out of ta'ziim and made them a qiblah towards which they would face and pray and took them as idols they were cursed and the Muslims were forbidden from imitating the like of it. As for when one builds a masjid in the vicinity of the pious and wants tabarruk because of being near to it and not for ta'ziim or facing it then it does not enter under the warning of this hadiith….

al-Jaami' (may Allaah forgive him said): THIS WHICH al-BaiDaawii has permitted is EXACTLY THAT REGARDING WHICH THE PROHIBITION HAS COME. When one seeks tabarruk from a grave does it mean anything but ta'ziim? Did not shirk enter upon the ones who went before us only because they intended tabarruk from the graves of their pious?

And from the weird of all weird things is that al-Suyuuti and al-Sindii noted this kalaam of al-BaiDaawii in their explanations of the hadiith of al-Nasaa'i and they accepted and attested to it! This is weird coming from such giants as these. How have they permitted this saying which opposes the Sunnah and is in opposition to the explicit Nusuus. Did not misguidance enter upon the Jews and Christians except from this door? The beginning of their misguidance was because they sought tabarruk from the graves of their Prophets and pious and eventually the state became such that they started worshiping them. And what we see in many Muslim countries today regarding the shirk and misguidance which people do at the graves of the pious is exactly what happened to the Jews and Christians.



البحر المحيط الثجاج في شرح صحيح الإمام مسلم بن الحجاج

Volume 5 Page(s): 130 – 131