Allah is the Originator, Creator, Cherisher, and Lord of all that exists. He sees everything. He hears everything. Everything relies upon Allah. Everything needs Allah, but Allah needs no one.   Allah provides provision but needs no provision. If Allah is with you no one can defeat you. If Allah is against you no one can protect you.   Allah guides. He who He guides cannot be misguided. He who He sends astray cannot be guided. To Him belongs the kingdom. Everything in the Heavens and Earth falls prostrate to Him.  


He makes you laugh. He makes you cry.  


Allah sends down the rain from the sky and gives life to an otherwise dead land. He causes the earth to bring forth its vegetables and fruits so that you may enjoy.   Allah made you when you were nothing. He made you without need of any framework.  


He says Be and it is.  


Allah made spouses for you from yourselves so that you may find peace in them. He made from man and woman children. He gives life to the dead. He brings the dead from the living and the living from the dead.   He created Jesus (peace be upon him) without a father. He created Adam and Eve without a father or mother. He does what He Wills.


He is the King of kings.  


He has every being by its forelock. No soul can believe except by His Permission. No soul can die except by His Permission.   He is the one who sent a Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) so that he may be to mankind a warner. A warner warning of a painful torment to come for those who deny Allah.   He revealed The Qur'aan – the final revelation. A guidance for those who fear.   Submit thy will to Allah and be Muslim – the one who submits. Accept Allah as your only God and Lord. Accept Allah without associating with Him any partners. Do good deeds for His Sake alone and enter into the everlasting gardens He has prepared for His righteous, believing slaves.