10 Mar

The dawaabb a muhrim can kill

Narrated Aisha:

Allah's Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) said, "Five kinds of animals are harmful and could be killed in the Haram (Sanctuary). These are: the crow, the kite, the scorpion, the mouse and the rabid dog."

Sahiih al-Bukhaari


The majority of scholars have said that based on this hadiith you can also kill those dawaabb which fall under the meaning of the ones mentioned in the hadiith.

But they differed in regards to the dawaabb which come under the meaning of these ones.


06 Mar

Fanatical Hanafi muqallids and their cancer

Fanaticism is a cancer.


Some muqallids (blind followers of the Madhaahib) have this cancer and cross all bounds.


This post will gather the fabricated ahadiith which were spread by Hanafi blind followers who had no shame.


إن آدم افتخر بي وأنا أفتخر برجل من أمتي إسمه نعمان، وكنيته أبو حنيفة، هو سراج أمتي

Indeed Adam was proud of me and I will be proud of a man from my Ummah whose name will be Nu'mān and his kunyah will be Abu Hanifah. He is the sirāj of my Ummah


لو كان في أمة موسى وعيسى مثل أبي حنيفة لما تهودوا وما تنصروا

Had their been the like of Abu Hanifah in the nations of Moses and Jesus, their followers would not have become Jews and Christians.


Durr al-mukhtār is a very important book in the sight of the 'ahnāf. al-Haskafi wrote this book. He includes the following two fabricated ahadīth in the book. Then, he has the NERVE to allude that Ibn al-Jawzi displayed fanaticism when he truthfully labelled these ahadīth as fabrications. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!


(إن آدم افتخر بي وأنا أفتخر برجل من أمتي اسمه نعمان وكنيته أبو حنيفة، هو سراج أمتي)


Indeed, Adam was proud of me and I am proud of a man from my Ummah whose name is Nu'mān and his kunyah is Abu Hanifah. He is the sirāj of my Ummah


وعنه عليه الصلاة والسلام (إن ساير الأنبياء يفتخرون بي، وأنا أفتخر بأبي حنيفة، من أحبه فقد أحبني، ومن أبغضه فقد أبغضني)


All of the Prophets are proud of me and I am proud of Abu Hanifah. He who loves him has loved me and he who hates him has hated me


وقول ابن الجوزي: إنه موضوع، تعصب

And the saying of Ibn al-Jawzi that it is fabricated is ta'ssub (fanaticism, bigotry)

What a joke


21 Jan

Who is your Imaam?

(And remember) the Day when We shall call together all human beings with their (respective) Imam. So whosoever is given his record in his right hand, such will read their records, and they will not be dealt with unjustly in the least.

[Qur’aan 17:71]

Ibn Kathiir notes in regards to this Verse:

Some of the Salaf said: This is the greatest honor for the ashaab al-Hadiith because their Imaam is the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam).


15 Jan

Learn what constitutes kufr

And know that the general public says things which constitute kufr without them knowing that it is such. Hence, it is waajib upon the people of knowledge to make clear to them this so that perhaps they will avoid it when they come to have knowledge of it so that their deeds will not go to waste and they will not abide in the most severe of torments. And the ability to recognize this is a very important matter. This is because the one who does not recognize evil, falls into it while he does not know. And the cause of every evil is ignorance. And the cause of every good is knowledge.

واعلم: أنه يجري على ألسنة العامة جملة من أنواع الكفر من غير أن يعلموا أنها كذلك فيجب على أهل العلم أن يبينوا لهم ذلك لعلهم يجتنبونه إذا علموه لئلا تحبط أعمالهم ويخلدون في أعظم العذاب، وأشد العقاب، ومعرفة ذلك أمر مهم جدا، وذلك لأن من لم يعرف الشر يقع فيه وهو لا يدري، وكل شر سببه الجهل، وكل خير سببه العلم، فهو النور المبين




إعانة الطالبين على حل ألفاظ فتح المعين

Volume 4 Page 149


15 Jan

Do not belittle anyone ever

al-Munaawii says in Faid al-Qadiir volume 5 page 380

It is befitting for a person not to belittle anyone. For how often it is that this person he belittles is more pure of heart, more righteous in deeds, and more sincere in intention. Without a doubt, belittling the slaves of Allaah leads to loss, humiliation, and shame.


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